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Hope To Dream believes that every child should have a good night's sleep and a bed to call their own. Since 2010, Hope to Dream has provided children in need with a twin mattress, bed frame, bedding and pillow. Our efforts have given over 140,000 beds to children in need, improving their sleeping conditions and leading to a higher quality of life.

Why Sleep Matters

Benefits of Quality Sleep

Benefits of Quality Sleep

Increases attention span
Improves academic performance
Enhances creativity
Boosts immune system
Pitfalls of Poor Sleep

Pitfalls of Poor Sleep

Emotional turmoil and anxiety
Behavioral problems
Difficulty concentrating
Developmental problems
Sleep Recommendations

Sleep Recommendations

Ages 3-5: 10-13 hours
Ages 6-13: 9-11 hours
Ages 14-17: 8-10 hours
The Right Conditions

The Right Conditions

Exercise and good nutrition
Dark, quiet room
Appropriate bed linens
Clean, comfortable mattress

Our Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners understand that a bed helps a child to sleep better promoting their overall well-being. It is because of these important partnerships that we are able to help more children in need get a better night's sleep with their very own bed.

Thank you to all our corporate partners for your dedication and commitment to Hope to Dream.

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